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When you wisely decide to buy the advanced HR Software Solutions from Circles Soft Company, you 100% guarantee to get Products & Services, It provides with a sophisticated package of HRMS that serve all potential requirements

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Circles App

It allows Managers, HR Administrators, and Employees to easily make job-related tasks and requests anywhere anytime.

Circles One

It’s a HR cloud-based platform for SMEs with zero configurations, customizations, and infrastructure.  

Circles Pay

Automate your payroll with recommended localization according to your country and company policies.

My Circle

A self-service portal dedicated to automating all employee-related processes. Comprehensive and easy to use.

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Circles TA

Track employees time attendance with (TA devices, employee self-services, mobile APP)

Circles 360

A platform to streamline the appraisal process by involving employees, managers, and customers.

Circles Talents

Integrated set of applications that are engineered to seamlessly work together to manage human Capital with effectiveness and efficiency.

Circles Training

Strengthen a learning and development culture in the workplace.

Circles Recruitments

It is a set of tools designed to automate and manage your organization’s recruiting and staffing operations.

Enjoy Our Products Features

When you wisely decide to buy the advanced HR Software Solutions from Circles Soft Company, you 100% guarantee to get:

Full Localization

We realize the importance of “Localization” when developing a world-oriented technical product in the field of Human Resources. Thus, Circles Soft solutions precisely reflect labour laws, regulations, and policies stated in the Middle East and Arab Gulf region

User-Friendly Programs

Our professionals are keen to employ the most simple programming language and easy-to-use UX/UI techniques to create user-friendly HR programs. Each client’s supplied with a solution that perfectly fits hisher needs and expected to enjoy the ultimate level of familiarity.

Multi-Language Solution

It supplies its clients with a user interface in four languages, which are Arabic, English, French, and Portuguese. This distinctive feature expands the scope of targeting and allows more potential users to invest in our clever HRM programs.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Once you try our HRMs, you won’t believe the flexibility extent offered to you via professionally developed and well-divided sections. Our solutions are also scalable and adaptable to the specific type of business you manage and the number of employees.

Security & Authorization

Sensitive content like company reports and employees’ data should be organized within a private, secured space to avoid penetration trials. HRMs from Circles Soft are the perfect electronic areas to keep such information as we employ firm software protection methods. In addition to specifying the authority given to our programs’ users, whether they are managers or employees.

 Circles Soft Mobile App

To facilitate the usage of our software HR solutions and adapting to the modern lifestyle, we have developed a self-service mobile app. It allows Managers, HR Administrators, and Employees to easily make job-related tasks and requests wherever they’re after completing their profiles.

Why Choose CirclesSoft


we share a common belief that creativity leads to continuity and keep offering unique, practical HR Solutions.

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Keeping Promises

It strives to fulfil its commitments towards clients and accurately satisfy their expectations by offering customized HR Software Solutions.

World-Class Quality

We constantly build our business strategies and develop our HR Management Programs in accordance with the International Quality Standards..

Effective Communication

We use varied communication programs and applications via the internet to effectively interact with our clients everywhere, swiftly, quickly, and efficiently.

Expert Team

Our talented team consists of professional programmers, business experts, and marketing specialists who save no effort to upgrade professionalism level.

Continuous Learning

It passionate group always looks for any updates and news related to our programs’ software and their business logic.